Atelier Beinert | Berlin : Graphic and Communication Designer

Typography, Graphic Design, Communication Design and Photography. Design Studio in Berlin, Germany. Awarded by ADC, TDC and Red Dot.

The aesthetics of a design captivates and enchants the viewer. Because the pursuit and the need for beauty is innate in us humans.

Wolfgang Beinert

Atelier Beinert

Atelier Beinert | Berlin is a studio for visual design with the skills corporate design, graphic design, typography and photography. The studio was founded by Wolfgang Beinert in 1989 in Augsburg. Further stations were Vienna, Rome and Munich. Since 2006 the studio is located in Berlin.

Graphic and Communication Design

Wolfgang Beinert specializes in creative individual solutions that require a very high degree of philological, craft, academic and/or artistic specialization.

One of his special skills is the production of representative and subtle print media. The repertoire naturally also includes digital media. All work arising within the scope of an order is carried out on request as a full service.


Wolfgang Beinert has already received many international awards for his »modern yet timeless typography« (Graphis, New York) as well as his »extraordinary design solutions« (DesignNET, Seoul).


The client structure of the studio covers a multi-faceted spectrum, from freelancers to globally operating DAX companies. The clients come from different sectors.


At first glance, the studio’s remuneration is in the upper price segment.

The Fine Art of

Graphic Design

est. 1989

Our means of communication, target groups and reading habits have become so different and fast-moving that typography today encompasses graphic craft, technical knowledge as well as scientific aspects.


In addition to his profession as a graphic designer and photographer, Wolfgang Beinert has been the editor of since 2001, an encyclopaedia on European typography with over four million visitors in 2021.

Furthermore, since 2003 he has been passionately involved as a lecturer in communication design and typography at various universities as well as at his own, where he offers seminars and workshops for professionals from the agency, design and publishing scene.


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A photo, regardless of culture and language, is open in its meaning, the word is fixed. In other words: The image is concrete and the word remains abstract.

Photographs for different clients


Information is what others have understood. Seen in this light, it is naturally easier to understand a photo or an image than a word or a language.

Wolfgang Beinert therefore also curates, stages, designs and photographs worlds of images that are published in online and offline media, for example in websites, annual reports or books. The focus here is on portrait photography and corporate photography.